Flower of Solitude

The Lunacian Chronicles - book 2



Incinerate the past to forge the future.


Lunacia: An ancient nation driven apart by the magic of its people.

The Emperor's ships are coming, a killer is on the loose, and there's not enough food to survive inside the castle walls.

The All-Powerful Child, imprisoned in the Firestorm dungeon, gives cryptic answers to important questions - and new information about the prophecy reveals double the threat.

Queen Isabella grappling to keep control of her people, must make allies of ancient enemies.

Elementials against Gypsies, and both against their Queen. Can Izzy undo generations of wrongdoing?

The Flower of Solitude awaits - and it's hiding in plain sight.

Welcome everyone to my website. It's such a thrill to finally get these books out to you all. The Lunacian Chronicles have been thirteen years in the making, and they're certainly not finished yet.


I have really enjoyed writing these books - how could I not, it has so many things in them that I myself, love reading about - Young Adult Fantasy is my favourite genre as a reader!


I hope that everyone enjoys reading about the fortunes and misfortunes of Lunacia. And don't forget, once you have read them to leave a review on Amazon.  

Kathryn Lee

Kathryn Lee is a young adult fantasy author living in Darwin, Australia. She has two young daughters, a military husband, two Border Collies and a cat without a tail. Kathryn enjoys playing her soprano cornet in a brass band and in the afternoons she teaches private singing, brass and piano lessons. 


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