Time's a burden

What if everything you were told about where you came from was a lie?

Meet Kea – born in the Fae realm, but raised in the human world- after an earthquake rocks her small town, a mysterious grandfather clock is brought into her work for repairs.


Not just an ordinary clock - it's the portal to her home realm which is now no longer locked.


Worlds collide and amassing armies threaten to rip the veils apart.


Faced with the possibility of losing everything she holds dear, Kea must dig deep to awaken her powers- powers she didn’t know were being suppressed all these years.


Will the lost years not knowing her true self catch up with her? Will she bow to the pressures of the Fae’s archaic rules?


One thing’s for sure though – no one tells Kea what she can and cannot do!

© 2020 Kathryn Lee